Dance Workshops

For Schoolsworkshop-schools

Our student workshops fit easily into daily school routines; we can provide four workshops a day, with 15 minutes to set up and an hour for each workshop. A gymnasium or multipurpose room is the best location for the workshops as students will need to move around without feeling inhibited by space constraints. Teachers are invited to join in; the work is easy to learn. It is suggested that each school purchase Dance Equations’ BEYOND MOVEMENT to get the most out of the workshop.

For more information or to schedule a workshop, please contact.

For Teachersworkshop-teachers

Professional Development workshops expand on all of the concepts in BEYOND MOVEMENT, our main Dance Equations resource. This includes detailed instructions on how to create lessons and how to enhance the mathematical curriculum. The Dance Equations program includes webinars, online help and advice at anytime. Miranda personaly leads teachers through lessons showing how dance is educational on many levels, particularly in mathematics.