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Becoming a member with Dance Equations means that you will have a one year subscription to the Teacher’s Portal. Inside this section you’ll have access to videos, tutorials, teaching aids and your own place in the Dance Equations community and can join in discussions as well as ask questions. Private instruction with Miranda will help you to integrate not only dance with mathematics, but other curriculum as well. New content is added frequently and you’ll be welcome to join online live seminars and workshops. Join!

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Join today and receive access to all current Dance Equation material and downloads. This includes all lessons, worksheets and even posters for you classroom. You will be able to read from the Dance Equations library and welcomed into any of the online seminars and workshops. Register Now!

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Teacher WorkshopIf you’d like to become a certified Dance Equations instructor you can start teaching Dance Equations seminars in your area. To become a certified instructor you will first need to become an annual membership holder. With a Membership you will be eligible to join one of our online training sessions or one of our live training session in Costa Rica. Dates will be listed in the membership area called the Teacher’s Portal.